Grant Information

Salem Quarter is blessed with funds available to support emerging and established ministry. Currently, Salem Quarter’s funding guidelines lean strongly toward making grants that arise from, and supported by, the meetings of the quarter and nourish and encourage a vital spiritual condition in those meetings, and strong bonds between them.

CriteriaThe Quarter is looking for proposals for funding up to $3000 in these 3 areas.

  1. Programs which encourage outreach (and inreach) in individual Meetings of Salem Quarter. Enhancing our sense of who we are and sharing the gift of our faith with the world. Inreach involves getting to know each other better, especially in all things spiritual. Outreach includes publicity, public programs that bring people to the meeting, and participation in community events. A well-documented proposal will describe a program or action, including dates, and include projected costs and funding sources.
  2. Ways to encourage the corporate leadings of our Meetings, of committees within our Meetings and of working groups of individuals who come together from multiple meetings. We are especially interested in proposals which involve interaction among Meetings and individuals in the Salem Quarter community. These should go beyond the regular committee work of the Meeting. New initiatives are encouraged. A well-documented proposal will include a letter from the Meeting/Meetings describing the relationship of the leading to the Meeting(s). Such a proposal will also include projected costs and anticipated funding sources.
  3. Encouragement for individual leadings and ministries which are grounded in and provide spiritual nourishment for our Meetings. A well-documented proposal will include information about how the leading has been tested from the applicant’s spiritual community (Meeting, YAFs.) This could be a travel minute or report from a clearness committee. It will also indicate how the individual and the community intend to be spiritually and practically accountable to each other, whether through a committee or some other means. Proposal will also describe the travels or activities the individual is led to, including time span, costs and any other funding sources. The committee will weigh the ability of the community to financially support travel and ministries in considering size of grants.

These three grant areas are listed in the order of priority for grant-making by the committee.

How to apply
Fill out the information on the grant application. You can download the application at the bottom of this page!

Provide information about meeting support of the effort/project to be funded (include a letter from a meeting, report from a clearness committee, or minute of the meeting or the ministry & counsel)

Return it by email (as an attached file)  to the clerk

salemclerk ~~at~~ neym [dot] org, and jr ~~at~~ computer {dot} org


Typically, applications are due by March 31 in the spring and September 30 in the fall. For 2021 the first round of grants are due February 10, 2021.

The Quarterly Meeting Funds Committee reviews the applications and makes recommendations to the Quarter which meets for business the 4th Sunday in April and October.  Approved grants will be distributed immediately after that meeting.

No use or disbursement of the capital fund or any part of it is to be made except by action of the Quarterly Meeting as a whole. Recommendations as to the distribution of the fund income will be made by the Funds Committee and approved by the Quarterly Meeting.

While Salem Quarter does sponsor one or two programs in the Quarter, and includes money to support those programs in its budget, grants are a separate thing. Grants will not be made to support the operating budget of any institution. Grants to support programs of institutions will be evaluated on the basis of a corporate or individual leading or ministry arising from the constituent meetings.  Proposals to repay individuals or organizations for expenses already incurred will not be considered.


The Full Application may be downloaded as a PDF file: Salem Quarter Funds Application 1-2021 (1)